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Streamline your technical operations

Equipment uptime maximized through collaboration

  • Inventory Control
    Organize your equipment assets by physical location, and quickly update your inventory with the VimBiz Mobile App leveraging barcode and/or RFID technologies.
  • Improve Communication
    Provide engineers with a collaboration tool that will encourage them to work together to perform preventive maintenance and repairs, thus maximizing the uptime of equipment assets.
  • Respect Budgets
    Track engineering project purchases, tasks, order-by and deliver-by dates to avoid cost overruns and extended project timelines.
  • Improved Content Production
    Configure a rule-based email distribution engine to notify appropriate managers of various on-air / production discrepancies and to flag engineering when the cause is equipment-related, thus allowing media organizations to focus on their expertise: producing and/or broadcasting content.
  • Stock Replenishment
    Manage minimum thresholds for parts used to repair equipment assets, and receive notifications when items need to be replenished.
  • Knowledge is Power
    Understanding how an issue was solved in the past is synonymous with “gained efficiency”. Knowing which equipment assets are still under warranty or covered by an SLA eliminates unnecessary purchasing. Detailed reports on product total cost of ownership and service trend analysis enable educated purchasing decisions.
  • Complete Life Cycle
    Manage the complete life cycle of equipment assets - from their purchase to their reception, through their entire maintenance history, until they are ultimately written off.
  • Transparency
    Leverage the integration with Scheduling and avoid assigning tasks to absent employees.

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