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Simplify complex rental operations

Efficiently manage complex equipment logistics

  • Assessing Availability
    Instantly know which items are available during specific timeframes, both locally and in other rental centers, based on the rental status or condition of equipment assets.
  • Conflict Resolution
    Substitute equipment when appropriate, book transfers, or sub-rent items to fulfill rental requests.
  • Barcode and RFID Compatibility
    Book, check out, and check in rental items and kits by leveraging the speed and accuracy of barcode and/or RFID technology.
  • Inventory Awareness
    Manage minimum consumable thresholds for stockroom products, and receive notifications when items need to be replenished.
Shelves camera equipment Shelves camera equipment
  • Be Proactive
    When equipment failure occurs in the field, notify engineering teams actions, such as ordering parts, can be put in motion prior to the return of the equipment.
  • Kit Efficiency
    Simplify rental operations with various grouping options, including kits and skids.
  • Financial Accountability
    Manage the fees and rates that will be applied during the use of rentable items or the purchase of consumables, both for chargeback and for quoting and invoicing purposes.
  • Powerful Reporting
    Operations reports will help to analyze rental history, while usage trend reports will provide insight for maintaining optimal rental inventory.
Stedio set cameras Stedio set cameras

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