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About Us

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The Team

The Vimsoft team has a wealth of experience in developing software solutions for the media and broadcasting industry. Our VimBiz experts have helped medium and large media production corporations optimize their operational workflows and reduce their cost of operation.

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Media and Broadcasting Industry

Vimsoft includes staff with over 35 years of engineering and operational experience from the broadcasting industry. The team has inside knowledge of the specific operational challenges and different contractual requirements of studio productions and mobile productions.

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The VimBiz Solution Suite was optimized for medium to large size broadcasters such as National TV Networks, Specialty Networks, Mobile Production, and Media Conglomerates; with customers in over ten countries and available in multiple languages.

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Mission Statement

Vimsoft’s mission is to surpass the expectations of our customers in both impressive product and high quality services.

Our primary business advantage is summarized in three core values:

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1. Customer Support
At Vimsoft, we uphold high standards of service and support in conducting our business ethically and with high integrity.
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2. State-Of-The-Art Technology
By leveraging our innovation abilities through advanced technologies, Vimsoft has developed an effective and highly productive framework. We are committed to continue evolving VimBiz to be the most automated resource management system for the media management industry.
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3. Versatile Products
VimBiz was designed to be highly customizable to our customers’ unique workflows, both during implementation and during its lifetime. The VimDev framework was inherently designed to be easily adaptable to the progression of the technology for information management.