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Efficiently schedule complex technical & human resources

Long, medium and short-term planning of resources

  • Maximize Efficiency
    With tools like schedule duplication, shift templates, team rotation and rule-based automation, scheduling tasks are rendered more efficient.
  • Conflict Resolution
    Substitute facilities and employees when appropriate, book transfers between departments, or recruit external resources to fulfill scheduling needs.
  • Be Informed
    Review all production details in a single, convenient form. Harness the power of integration with an overview of all activities linked to a project, such as scheduled events, rentals, travel plans, shipments, and expenses. Share specific information with colleagues via detailed reports.
  • Requirements Analysis
    Compile shift requirements, where a comparison of required assignment hours and available employee scheduling hours can be analyzed to ensure optimized long-term planning.
  • Knowledge is Power
    Analyze scheduling results with the help of visual warnings, to avoid publishing schedules that do not respect the organization’s working conditions.
  • Financial Accountability
    Manage the hourly and daily rates that will be applied during the use of internal and external resources, both for chargeback and for quoting and invoicing.
Office employees using VimBiz Rich Scheduling Office employees using VimBiz Rich Scheduling
  • Improve Collaboration
    Provide users with flexible production and scheduling requesting tools, which will initiate notification and review processes, and result in automated scheduled events.
  • From Planned to Actual
    Leverage detailed planning as the basis for actual time reporting, which can be administered by various authorizers, projects, and departments.
  • Time Bank Management
    Track distinct types of accumulated hours and related absences in independent banks, with which time can be debited and credited via schedule and timecard events.
  • Remove the Guesswork
    Instantly see the consequences on payroll of schedule modifications with a rule-based claim automation tool, which will analyze timecard events and create claim codes based on configured contract and work regulations.
  • Transparency
    Select the most appropriate facility by surveying which assets have open service requests and which have been reserved for rental. Avoid assigning tasks to absent or unqualified employees with the help of visual calendars and experience reports.
  • Usage Insight
    Powerful costing and capacity utilization reports support better decisions, such as renting out facilities or sharing resources during historically slower periods.
Man with mobile phone using VimBiz Mobile Scheduling Man with mobile phone using VimBiz Mobile Scheduling

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