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Planning To Scheduling
Discover how VimBiz revolutionizes project planning and scheduling
  • Plan resources you think you'll need for your production.
  • Collaborate with colleagues on complex projects.
  • Have concise visibility on the cost of planned resources to stay on budget.
  • Automate the creation of requirements allocated to actual resources.
  • Increase efficiency and streamline your process.
Scheduling to Time Tracking
VimBiz Scheduling: selected by national networks and ScheduAll customers
  • Schedule teams using Shift Templates and ROTAs.
  • Ensure all required human and technical resources are scheduled for all production projects.
  • Transition seamlessly from scheduling to precise time tracking.
  • Avoid premiums paid due to working condition breaches.
  • Track actual times and automate complex calculations of the different codes needed by your payroll system.
Asset Management
Learn how VimBiz customers efficiently manage millions of equipment assets
  • Manage the entire life cycle of assets from acquisition, maintenance, and end-of-life.
  • Calculate the total cost of ownership of your equipment.
  • Improve communication with everyone within all technical service centers.
  • Know where your inventory is in real-time.
  • Improve your purchasing decisions.
Equipment Rental
Gain control of inventory being checked out and back in your equipment rooms
  • Verify assets and kits being checked out or returned using barcode scanning or RFID.
  • Know the availability of your inventory in real-time.
  • Reduce new employee onboarding time by cataloguing your warehouse's inventory.
  • Be informed of the utilization and non-utilization of your rental inventory.